Research Center of Excellence


Our FinestGov Center of Excellence in Field Operations, Workforce, Emergency, Physical Assets & Facilities Management Efficiency and Effectiveness is a state of the art research program where our current team of experts are working in collaboration with a number of global think tanks and world class universities and research centers and government and enterprise level laboratories and knowledge hubs to develop and to improve processes and procedures that could be implements in mid size and large organizations that rely heavily on skilled field workers, field operations, logistics, field sales and customer service, logistics, and that manage a large number of physical assets and facilities. Our research also focuses on organizations that could be severely impacted by disasters or where the performance of their employees, facilities and of their equipment is critical and could result in disaster or in loss of human lives and where emergency preparedness and disaster prevention are paramount.

We provide both consulting services and white papers / reports for various industries and problems. Please reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating with us in our research programs, to learn more about the grants that we are offering in the field and to order some of our reports or custom informational products on the subject.

Our product development team works closely with our scientific advisory board to implement best practices into our platform and into the solutions that we offer to our customers. A number of large cities, thousands of schools and government buildings, skilled worker management and security firms, police departments and emergency management agencies, rail companies, utility and oil and gas companies are all benefiting from our state of the art research and its impact on improving their operations, their bottom line and their emergency preparedness, security and safety. It is being used by shopping centers, and hotels, by oil delivery companies and large construction companies to manage all of their employees and their inventory, to manage their purchasing and their control over their subcontractors and is constantly improving through the extra knowledge being gathered in the field and analyzed by our top team of scientists and experts and by our AI platforms.

We are constantly developing new modules, and all of these modules are available to all of our customers, allowing for some amazing new ways of managing your people using the know how and skills and tools borrowed from other industries.As the system is designed to be completely integratabtle and  modular, new ways to communicate with your employees, partners, sub contractors and other important individuals, are recognized by our organizations, and the usefulness of the whole eco system is improved for all.

Our wide range of tested and proven templates and our business management, consulting and integration services allow an organization to be up and running in a matter of hours, while still allowing for significant “best use for this client” improvements and any type of customization.

All the necessary information is gathered, processed and stored and is presented to all the agencies and management layers involved in every type of way that they require to be more productive and to deliver their services to the public and to their customers, and to the oversight agencies in the best way possible.

The whole system is designed from the ground up to constantly evolve and its architecture allows for the system to be easily improved and changed, to become better at handling all of its tasks, workflows and all of its support and management functions. It is a fluid ever improving system based on artificial intelligence and designed to be extremely flexible and inexpensive from the ground up:

 Please contact us today to find out more about how our system can help you streamline your workflow and information gathering processes and procedures.