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The FinestGov™ Police & Security Guard Workforce Management Solutions are designed to provide a secure communication and a management platform for any location, any route requiring the presence of security and can handle any number of locations across any size area such as a whole city, or to handle numerous government or corporate location where  the presence or visits of guards. safety or a police officers is required. The system could also be utilized for timed visits according to desired schedules and offers the management the ability to supervise all of their employees and patrolmen in real-time. Such locations can include:

Location Examples for Security & Guard Management Include:

Security & Guard Management Features Include:

Location Examples for Security & Guard Management Include:


The system offers numerous unique tools and can be set up on its own to handle only the companies or the agencies security needs or could be integrated with a wider platform across numerous other departments and agencies for additional secure communication and better efficiency and easier management across all forms of mobile employee management.

  • Field operation of the system by a guard or an officer is simple and intuitive, consisting of the following actions:
  • The guard identifies himself to the FinestGov™ server, and is verified by the server to establish secure communications at the beginning of his shift by reading his personal tag or by entering his user code and password
  • Once the identification is made  he receives his intended guard route
  • The guard reports the beginning of a work route by reading the route’s tag or writing it in the system
  • With arrival at a checkpoint the guard reports his arrival by reading the location’s tag
  • He has the ability to report unusual events at the checkpoint through the system or by reading designated event tags such as “terrorist threat”, “fire hazard”,  “broken lock”, “alarm” and so forth
  • After reporting an unusual event, the system will activate the set action for the event such an email notifications
  • Events can be recorded by audio, video or photographs
  • At any time the guard can activate the panic button for instant connection to the service center in case of emergency calls


The value of a modular system is that every one of our customers benefits from the “communal development model”, every module, every template and every tool is available to all other municipalities and agency within our network, thus making the entire ecosystem stronger and more responsive.

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