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Cloud-Server FinestGov


The FinestGov™ system is based on secure FinestGov™ data-cloud servers, located in a disaster-proof area, where all of the organization’s system settings and data is stored. Sites, checkpoints, workers, routes, routes planning, timing, notification schedules, and all the other data are all stored in a secure and encrypted client designated storage area that only the client can access through the various tools offered by FinestGov™,   Additionally, it is possible to produce planning and execution reports of routes while receiving real-time reports concerning work progress in the field via an active dashboard updated in real-time  on the clients computer. It is also possible to set up completely private and secure servers in the clients own area, that can be serviced by the clients own IT security team or by our special security team who all have Top Secret Clearance, in case that is required by the client, which can provide for completely private communication, and for the ultimate level of security. During such installations, all of our source code can be examined by a third party professional team that also has the Level of Security Clearance, needed by the client and can be compiled from source and installed by them to ensure that the system is integral and can allow for totally secure and private management of your employees and contractors, and can offer a totally secure platform for internal communication, while also helping to provide efficiency in managing your out of the office personnel.



The field worker / out of the office employee FinestGov™ Application for smartphones and tablets,  can be downloaded directly from the application store quickly and easily as a free download.  Through it all the out of the office employees and contractors can report their  worker activities and data can be collected and transmitted in real-time to the central server, so that it can be made available to management. The FinestGov™ Application also acts as a communication tool, allowing instant communication between all of the employees in the field and all of the management who need to be involved in the process.



FinestGov™ NFC tags are used to identify employees and to log them into the system securely and automatically, or can be used together with a password and an secure message code for applications that require complete security. The FinestGov™ NFC tags can also be used to identify checkpoints and to verify the employees arrival at each of the required locations and to report events and exceptions during the employee’s visits and patrols. These tags are extremely useful on the inside of buildings and in locations where the GPS doesn’t work, or in cases where precise location or top security are of utmost importance.