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To find out how much money you can make by using our platform to develop custom applications and platforms for your customers, and to see how easy and powerful our platform truly is, contact us today to schedule a discussion with our developer partner training experts. Our platforms are powerful enough to manage major infrastructures like “Uber”, and we are interested in providing our technological expertise, funding and our business knowledge to partners interested in building applications and new ventures based on top of our platform and infrastructure.


FinestGov™ makes it easy for developers and large implementation partners to develop, set up, customize and to build sophisticated platforms on top of the  FinestGov Framework™. With access to API, and a system built for “Drag and Drop” customization, everything was built to be customizable from the ground up, and the core of our product is designed to be constantly improved and updated to make customization easier and easier for regular non developer power users.

Your customers could be up and running in a matter of hours, by using our pre-built templates and tools, designed and prepared for each specific industry and further improvements and further customization and improvements can be made based on real user needs and usage, thus saving an enormous amount of time and resources, while getting the platform to become a perfect fit to the customers current needs. While setting up a customer in any industry you can begin by trying out some of the preexisting sophisticated templates, or you can build your own. Everything is customizable. Everything has API’s built for in. Everything is integratable and can be integrated with any other legacy or enterprise system, or with your own code and with virtually any device, smart equipment or smart buildings and smart vehicles. 

 Java, C#, Javascript, PS and other SDK wrappers around all of our API’s are available for developer access to our systems and it can be used to connect to any of the customers external workflow systems and can be integrated with any platform.

The majority of our platforms are designed from the ground up to be fully customizable as almost everything is configurable, (you can add custom fields to objects, create workflow on the mobile apps using menus and their dependencies a non developer can design custom forms and and can even create interfaces to legacy applications with Excel or JSON without any development required, and there is access to CMD BASH PS scripts to automate all of this.

All of Our API’s are accessible by users. We make the integrator’s job easy and are looking forward to helping both our non technical users and those with knowledge of coding to spend more time understanding the customers business needs and implementing them in useful business logic and less time actually writing code and developing.

We welcome partnerships on developing additional tools and AI bots, for the quickly growing marketplace of tools and accessories based on the FinestGov Framework™ 

We welcome partnerships on developing additional tools and AI bots.