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The  FinestGov Municipality Management System™ provides municipalities and authorities with a reliable and a precise tool for supervising and managing field workers such as inspectors, maintenance technicians and cleaning staff in real-time.

The system is equipped with all of the tools a town, government agency, a company or even a large metropolitan city requires to manage employees while supervising their activities in real-time from any location at any given moment.

System Uses by Municipalities Include:


The system allows for complete control over maintenance and inspection sites, checkpoints, work routes, work schedules, periodical shift timetable management and anything else that the city currently does or can envision.

The system allows for for inspection sites, workers, visited checkpoints and incoming alerts from the field, all in real-time. 

The system allows unprecedented ability  to easily create and open communication channels between their employees and to create automatic channel of communication. Totally secure end to end communications, while sending and receiving reports, while also allowing separate customers to communicate with each other all through our platform.

The system could be set up within hours by utilizing one of our preexisting, pre-developed and thoroughly tested templates that is being utilized by one of our current customers,

and most of this work can be done by the cities own non-technical employees, department heads and supervisors, helping them to customize the system to their exact needs, and to do things the way they like to do them.

City Emergency Manager

For example our system has been used by police agencies of neighboring cities, to communicate through the system in secure ways, to capture criminals and criminal perpetrators, and to neutralize terrorist attacks.



The value of a modular system is that every one of our customers benefits from the “communal development model”, every module, every template and every tool is available to all other municipalities and agency within our network, thus making the entire ecosystem stronger and more responsive.

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