Central Management System

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FinestGov Dashboard

The FinestGov.com™┬ásystem server is cloud based, providing management, control and supervision of field workers anywhere in the world.

The server system includes the following elements:

One time setup of all the system components such as: organization settings, sites, checkpoints, routes, users, timed working plans, etc.

  • The Ability to send messages to mailing lists in real-time through email, sms, automated phone call recordings, or through a number of external as well as through an internal secure communication messenger.
  • Report tasks at a checkpoint
  • Warnings of delays at checkpoints or delays with tasks
  • Warnings of unusual reports from the field
  • Produces simple and extremely complex analytical and operational reports with various cross analyses, and uses AI to identify points of interest

Route reports

  • Employee activity reports
  • Route execution vs. plan report
  • Working plan
  • Deviation reports and more

Active graphic control panel (dashboard) updated directly from field data, which includes real data of activity in the field

  • Work progress rate daily
  • Task progress along set routes
  • Number of routes begun
  • Number of routes completed
  • Field warnings and more
  • The ability to compare the performance of employees against each other, and the ability to rate the performance of various subcontractors and their employees against other subcontractors to identify the most and the least efficient
  • The Ability to export data to an external program