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Our team has designed a state of the art information and workflow management platform allowing corporations, various government agencies, municipalities and nonprofit and for profit organizations, that employ off site or out of the office employees in the fields of logistics, security, safety, maintenance, inspections and numerous other fields to manage, to oversee and to guide their employees and subcontractors efficiently and in real time by providing them and their managers with a completely integrated, information and workflow management system, that is constantly improved and optimized to provide an ever improving efficiency, effectiveness, empowerment and control over the way every procedure is handled, and where the system is a guarantee that all the steps required are followed perfectly and that all the required information is collected on the work being performed.

Currently our platform is utilized by over 600 customers, including a number of large cities, that utilize it for everything from managing their school and government building inspectors, maintenance workers and security, to managing their police forces and light rail workers. It is being used by shopping centers, and hotels, by oil delivery companies and large construction companies to manage all of their employees and their inventory, to manage their purchasing and their control over their subcontractors.