Shell Oil Company


Biggest Challenges were:

  • To confirm someone physically inspected large tanks for leaks and meter readings
  • If not inspected and properly maintained the equipment that could potential cause an explosion
  • No trail of inspection and maintenance to be able to show that the equipment has been properly inspected and maintained.
  • Shell Oil and a number of other Oil and Gas customers are currently utilizing our Apps and platform to keep their pipelines, their terminals, their oil and gas storage facilities safe and secure.
  • Utilizing our platform and special explosive proof cases for phones company can verify it was inspected because RFID tag was scanned at that location.
  • Our technology is also being used for oil delivery management, and to manage inspections and maintenance on some of the toughest industrial applications.

Shell utilizes our platforms to manage their oil deliveries and for a number of other purposes.  The threat to oil and gas (O&G) is unrelenting, and as such it is important that the security environment is up-to-date and ready to protect against all possible incidents.