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Multi-purpose –™ platform is suitable for a wide number of applications developed for supervision and management of field works without needing additional devices and special fittings, while also being a superior and secure communication platform

Low cost – by using smartphones and cloud technology

Ultra Secure – by using secure servers, devices and end to end encryption technologies, and numerous other unique tools and technologies

Simplicity – there is no need for special installation or maintenance, using cloud technology

Instant availability – daily organization, registration, set-up and you can begin working

Survivability – supervision tags (NFC) with years of durability

Event recording – ability to read and to write on the tags used for tracking and supervision

Online supervision – supervising field workers in real-time from anywhere in the world

Online- warnings – sends notifications to a mailing lists in real-time via email, SMS, automated phone calls, and numerous types of messengers, including a private internal secure messaging system

Efficiency and output – increases the efficiency and outputs of field workers, by 25% to 50%

Saves manpower – increases worker output and allows for personnel cutbacks

Management economy – significant savings in management and supervision of field workers (managers, supervisors, etc.)

Image improvement – improves and strengthens the company’s image as perceived by its clients

Improved communication and Reporting – able to provide a never before seen level of granular reporting, and communications both within the company or municipality and with other partners, neighbors and stakeholders, giving the employees, the managers and their superiors, across organizations an incredible level of interconnectivity

Fast and Easy to launch – by using templates, you can be up and running in a matter of hours

Everyone benefits from Custom Development – If one of the customers orders a module, this module can be integrated by all other customers, thus allowing customers to have access to a wide assortment of new tools and capabilities, even allowing industries where certain capabilities were not considered as important to have access to potentially high value modules (route planning for the police and safety industry)