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FinestGov Platform

The™ Platform is the most innovative and advanced system in today’s market for monitoring and managing out of the office and field workers in real-time.  The system offers the most advanced, the most secure and the most efficient solutions in the field.

The system provides a perfect solution for a wide range of applications related to supervision and management of field workers such as: overseeing guards, supervising and managing of maintenance and cleaning staff, managing transportation, pick up and delivery, verifying employee presence in the field and in the office, managing whole cities, university campuses, hotels, shopping centers and more.  Essentially, the system can be used for any application whose purpose is the supervision and management of field workers but we also do so much more.

The™ system is based on a data-cloud server and a mobile phone application on the side of the field worker user (which can be downloaded from the application store).  The installation processes is quick and easy, and there is no need to allocate expensive resources to establish and to maintain this system. However, for customers requiring ultimate security we can provide private secure servers, and devices by a special security team who all have Top Secret Clearance. Both our standard level customers and our Top Security Clearance level customers can benefit from the fact that the system has been designed with utmost security and secure communications in mind.

The system is simple to operate by users and server operators both, while employing high quality ergonomics and a simple to use user interface; thus allowing for a very quick set up time, A large organization can be up and running in a matter of hours, by utilizing our pre build templates and by dragging and dropping our modules into the system. Most of the set up and operations of the system can be handled by non technical people, and the system can be customized in incredibly powerful ways by non technical people providing large organizations with virtually any type of workflow management and design. If the organization identifies a potential need that is not currently handled by the system, our team of experts can design any type of a solution, no matter how complex for them within a matter of weeks, and this solution can become available to all of our customers as a useful module, thus maximizing value for all customers, which is the reason our systems are already able to handle most of the tasks that can be envisioned by our users.

The system also uses GPS and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for report tracking by reading the tag located on the reported checkpoints, and numerous other unique technologies for safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

We can honestly say that our system can do far more for far less, than any of our competitors.™


How It Works

Use any of our apps for field workers, out of the office employees and contractors to collect data.


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All data gets saved in the  customers own secure and encrypted storage space on the™ secure servers or on the customers own secure servers.™ AI is used to analyze the data and to report any anomalies. The system reacts to certain events and allows the field workers and employees to send warnings and messages automatically.

Numerous layers of authorized personnel and stake holders including the direct supervisors, the management and their superiors can all access all of this data or to run and view numerous reports on this data in real time via the™ web app from any web browser on any authorized device at any time as long as they have authorization to do so. The system allows for all of the field workers or mobile employees to communicate securely with one another across numerous departments, agencies, cities, or companies as long as they have been authorized to do so by their superiors.

For example a maid or a maintenance worker from one company, might send a warning about criminal activity that they have witnessed to their clients security task force, or an inspector from the department of Education might want to know that an exposed wire has been repaired and removed at a school by their subcontractor. Or a citizen who has reported a pothole might want to know when the repairs are set to be completed directly from the subcontractor hired to do so. All of this is now possible with FinestGov™. Captured data from the FinestGov™ Apps on all devices is synchronized in real time and can be analyzed and reported by web or printed reports, by automated emails or through the online dashboard available on any computer or on any handheld device.