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 The™ platform is perfect for facility owners and managers from shopping centers to hotels, from large residential apartment complexes to multinational Real Estate Investment Trusts and holding companies. Imagine being able to supervise an army of security and maintenance personnel, cleaning and logistical support staff, all from the comfort of your own lap top from Maui. Rather than having to hire an army of local managers, dispatchers and supervisors, a lot of this management work can be done remotely from cheaper destinations, and you can save enormously on being able to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and the use of time of every one of your security, maintenance, janitorial, and logistic support personnel, as in many cases one person will be able to do the work of two, while being under ever-present technological supervision and empowerment. The technology will also provide for happier employees as they will have exact routes and their whole days planned out for them, giving them the ability to simply follow the tasks in a gamified and enjoyable form, as enjoyable as work can be.

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