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The  FinestGov Commercial & Residential Management System™  serves nearly 100 mid sized and large residential and commercial buildings, handling all of their security, maintenance and building inspections, as well as helping them to handle requests, customer service and maintenance requests from their tenants.

Automating & Significantly Improving Management & Supervision of Security, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Guest Services, F&B, Entertainment, HR, Training, Marketing and more for Hotels, Casinos, Shopping Centers & Property Owners with “real time knowledge, unique features, hands off management and supervision & total control”

System Uses by Commercial & Residential
Real Estates Clients Include:


The system can be easily and often expanded, changed and improved, after the initial set up to meet changing needs of the customers, as the employees and the consultants learn and understand what will bring superior results and meet the customer’s needs better and to deliver better financial results​

Works in real time and stores a secure (optional) audit trail, giving the customer the ability to see and to effect everything that is happening across their entire organization right now to meet customer needs instantaneously and resolving small issues before they become big problems, while being able to look back to see exactly who is responsible for problems, and to have legal proof that they have completed everything to the letter of the law and above what is expected of them by customers​

During work hours, and with employees permission, can connect to every sensor in the hand held device (optional) to see where all the employees are located (GPS,NFC, Perimeter Sensors, etc), if the phone is on their body and if they are being active and a lot more giving management an unprecedented ability to know when the employees are doing what they are doing or are slacking off or have walked off the job​

The system is completely customizable for any hierarchy and every user type (guards, housekeepers, customers, different types and levels of managers) all get their own easily customizable interface on their phone and the web giving them their own unique workflows, buttons and access to various information that they need allowing everyone to use the same system, and preventing them from seeing what they should not have access to.​

Cloud based, standard mobile app with multi-layer security & encryption, saves money for the customer, while providing a superior level of security, without the need to obtain and to operate additional hardware or hand held equipment

Major Real Estate Developer And Manager

One of our customers that is in the business of building large residential and commercial skyscrapers and has built over 800 such buildings worldwide is currently using our FinestGov technology to manage all of their construction and subsequent management of these buildings.

Commercial Real Estate


The value of a modular system is that every one of our customers benefits from the “communal development model”, every module, every template and every tool is available to all other municipalities and agency within our network, thus making the entire ecosystem stronger and more responsive.

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