Online Alerts

FinestGov Task Management

FinestGov Alert module provides you powerful tools to ensure proper field activities without having to spend all of your time monitoring each worker or worrying whether planned activities are being performed at the right time.

With FinestGov Alert, you can instead keep focused on your regular daily activities, while it watches your employees for you and only informs you when you need to know something, via SMS or email to you or any predefined contact.

Furthermore, your field worker can also initiate and report events during the route, and you will be informed instantaneously so you can react immediately and accordingly.

In addition, you can also notify your customers with any information related to this visit by simply sending them an SMS or email directly.

Common uses of FinestGov Alerts:

  • When a significant event is reported by a field worker
  • If an employee is delayed with a visit
  • On the arrival to a checkpoint
  • Live ETA: Notify the customer of the arrival time based on the employee location and the current traffic conditions
  • Notify the customer (checkpoint’s owner) of any relevant data you feel they need to know and more…