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Common questions


Will I lose my system setup and my data after a free trial??

No, all of your data will be safely stored on our servers and your account can be kept active but you will be limited to only 2 user accounts.

Do I need to pay for training, system setup, custom integration, customization or custom development? Do I need to buy any devices or additional hardware to use the system?

No you are not required to purchase any of these services or products to start using the system although training is highly recommended and depending on your needs and access to technical expertise in your organization some additional set up and customization might be required. Our advisor can contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Can we afford to pay for your system?

If we can improve your bottom line by 3 to 30 times the amount you are paying us, can you afford not to use our system?

What is the total cost of the platform?

The cost of the platform will vary based on the size of your organization and the complexity of your operations and the amount that you want to improve by.

Can we cancel at any time?

If at any time you feel that what we can offer you is not providing enough value to your organization you can walk away at any time without having to pay us anything.

What if I have more questions?

We’d be happy¬†to answer them.