911 / 311 Dispatchers

Police Car

911 & 311 Operators are in short supply and traditional ways of collecting data over the phone, utilizing numerous systems to collect, process and transfer data slows down the decision making process, risking human life and making numerous emergency situations difficult to handle effectively.

A citizen is provided with a customer facing app allowing him to notify the city of various issues including potholes, garbage, noise, burglaries, suspicious activities etc.

If a citizen sees a burglary he can notify the 911 operator directly through a chat messenger on his phone. The dispatcher can verify this person’s geolocation and other sensors on his phone and confirm the facts. The operator can forward this to all the police officers within X miles from the location of the occurrence and any police officer can pick up this task “Uber” style. The police officer can proceed to collect more information photos, video, audio etc. from the citizen and to notify to all other police officers to assist him on the scene directly through the app.

The app works the same way for building inspectors, sanitation workers, public housing maintenance personnel, and all other types of workers.

Our platform streamlines problem handling and allows management to handle and to monitor all issues in real time interconnecting citizens, city workers, city managers, the dispatchers and everyone else involved into a powerful and unified communication and problem resolution platform.