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One of our customers, that manages hundreds of skilled repairman in the field, is using our technology to manage all of their serviceman and field sales people, all of their equipment, vehicles and customers. Our platform has drastically improved their ability to deliver better results to their customers, their employees effectiveness and efficiency, their ability to reduce theft and to improve the utilization and the handling of their vehicles and equipment and has significantly improved their bottom line and is helping them to become a “white glove” high level service company in theĀ  eyes of their customers.

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Most field service companies struggle to deliver a high level of service to their customers and to keep their operations working smoothly and efficiently as the manager often has no knowledge of or control over where their employees are and what they are doing. Employees often slack off and don’t deliver quality results, it takes a long time to locate expensive pieces of equipment that are scattered all over the place, and field sales process and field customer service are often lacking.

Our technology makes the service technicians and other field workers and field sales people feel as if the manager is standing right next to them, both monitoring them but more importantly advising them and helping them to complete their work more efficiently and more effectively. Our equipment tracking and theft prevention system, can notify management in real time where every piece of equipment is and when it is utilized or underutilized and allows them to order it moved from job to job easily and effectively. Real time monitoring and communication tools, allow customers to participate in the monitoring and service evaluation processes as the service is being performed, and to communicate directly with the management and the dispatchers in case they feel the services being delivered don’nt meet their expectations. Field sales reps and service technicians can access their managers at any time right from the field asking for guidance and notifying them of issues that arise automatically in real time.

Utilizing our platform and our technology, has propelled our customer above the competition, making them the premier service provider in their area, gaining them customer loyalty and making the job of hiring and managing their people significantly easier, allowing them to fulfill more jobs per person per day and to charge more per job, and providing them with real data analyses on the performance of all of their technicians and sales people, understanding the correlation between the amount of time spent on various activities, the quality of their work and the satisfaction of the customers.