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One of our customers, a major builder and manager of large residential and commercial skyscrapers, ( that has built and currently manages 800 such buildings worldwide ), is currently using our platform to manage all of their construction efforts and the management of all of their buildings, building equipment, their staff and their tenant relations. Our platform helps them to keep their buildings, managed across numerous cities secure, efficient and well managed and maintained.

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There are numerous challenges that a construction company and a building owner / manager faces, and these challenges are usually magnified because of the large size of the company. These challenges are costly and affect and hinder the financial performance as well as the companies ability to deliver real time results to its tenants and real time field information to its management and to its investors. They were losing millions of dollars due to their inability to monitor, manage and to oversee their employees, departments, subcontractors, operations, tenants, inventory and assets efficiently and effectively. Each building has thousands of pieces of equipment that need to be services, maintained, cleaned and inspected regularly from elevators to HVAC systems and both construction and building management requires constant vigilance and real time feedback, data gathering and information to make the process as efficient as possible as even a tiny miscalculation or inefficiency can translate into major losses for the company.

Our solution provides their management and owners of the company with a real time deep-level overview of their operations across the entire organization, helping them to monitor, manage and to significantly improve the performance of their employees and contractors, the management of their equipment and inventory and their relationship with and the ability to provide consistent and prompt services to their tenants. The tracking and the utilization of their inventory, equipment, materials, supplies and their physical assets saves them a significant amount of capital as it prevents hundreds of thousands of dollars in theft and loss, and allows them to be much more efficient in being able to utilize the same equipment and existing assets to complete more jobs without having to acquire more costly equipment or materials. Our platform helps to streamline their hiring process, protects the company by keeping track of all of their employee and subcontractor licenses and required training and certification before letting them enter a job site, offers the ability to provide the highest level of customer support to their tenants and offers numerous other benefits and improvements to their everyday operations.

Utilizing our platform and our technology, has resulted in savings of tens of millions of dollars for the organization, has significantly improved their relationships with their tenants and their ability to offer first class service to their tenants, (improving their occupancy rates and the amounts they can charge for rent), while also making the jobs of their managers and employees easier, more efficient and more streamlined, allowing them to build and to manage more properties more effectively, requiring significantly fewer people to complete the same amount of work.