City Emergency Manager

Ashdod, Israel

City Emergency Manager

One of our customers, Jerusalem, a one million person city is currently using our platform for disaster prevention and emergency preparedness.

Most city government agencies and corporations are completely unprepared for large scale disasters when they strike. Poor communication and lack of training create wide spread panic and lowers the city’s ability to respond and to handle these situations. 

Having an app only designed for large scale emergencies doesn’t work, as by the time emergency strikes most individuals would forget where the app is or how to use it or most likely would have deleted it from their phone.

The brilliance of the FinestGov solution is that it is being used everyday by numerous employees to solve little daily “emergencies” and “issues”, such as an exposed wire, garbage left uncollected, noise complaints e.t.c. and handling major disasters and emergency situations simply become routine and a natural extension of handling small tasks and issues within the same platform.

This level of training, preparedness and experience could mean the difference during an emergency situation, between a complete inability to respond to a crisis in an orderly fashion. Being ready, trained and organized will save lives and will prevent a further escalation of chaos.

Whether it’s a city or a financial institution, staying above water during such a catastrophe, could result in numerous lives saved and could save the organization from a financial ruin.

A city manager opens up his phone app and looks through buttons labeled, WAR, TERROR ATTACK, EARTHQUAKE, FIRE, SCHOOL SHOOTING and e.t.c.

The city manager pushes one of those buttons once a year for an emergency preparedness training exercise, our system sends out 100 of thousands of automated emails, SMS messages and automated phone calls to all the individuals that need to be involved.

Everyone’s phone apps are updated with tasks specific to that emergency. In case Internet is not available, latest available workflows are utilized. In case certain individuals are unavailable the manager can easily switch from effected individuals to others under his command.  Example of tasks are:

– Get the kids out of school.

– Bring them to safety

– Lock up and Protect Government

Buildings and Weapons Cillos

– Open Bomb Shelters

– Save People from Under Ruble

– Protect against Armed Insurgents